The man who quit money 

The man who quit money from Sacred Resonance on Vimeo.

Meet Daniel Suelo. He’s been living without money for 12 years. When our paths crossed synchronistically in Moab, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to learn from this wise man. I interviewed him and found his philosophy and way of living inspiring and visionary.
For more about Daniel and his experiment of living without money, check out

The Blessing 

The Blessing from Sacred Resonance on Vimeo. In 2012, while in Northern California, I was invited to witness and document a water blessing ceremony as a restorative practice with more-than-human world of nature and spirit. It was a beautiful ceremony where we offered our gratitude to a spring in a beautiful redwood forest and acknowledged our sadness for the damage that’s been done by humans to this ecosystem. We prayed, we sang, we listened. The ceremony was called and facilitated by Amos Clifford who is a Medicine Walk Guide and a restorative justice practitioner. His personal inquiry is how we can apply the principles of Restorative Justice between humans and more-than-human world. For more information, please check ↓

Holy Bee 

Debra Roberts talks Bee, literally. I met her in Asheville one lucky winter morning during my Brave New World journey and fell in love with her joie de vivre. I love passionate people and her passion for bees is absolutely contagious. Bees are so blessed to have Debra as an ally. In our second meeting I invited Debra to Turkey and she said yes. Now we are exploring and organizing her visit and everyone is very excited that this bee goddess will be teaching natural beekeeping in Turkey. Bees are life. I am looking forward to learn more about and from them. For more holy bee work, please visit Debra’s website:


2013′ün başında Türkiye’nin zaman bankası Zumbara’nın kalbi Ayşegül Güzel ve Meltem Şendağ ile Kazdağı’nda inzivadaydık. Amacımız biraz dinlenmek, Kazdağı’nın mis gibi havasını içimize çekmek ve Zumbara’nın 2013 vizyonunu ve niyetlerini konuşmaktı. Bayramiç Yeniköy’ün evsahipliğinde ve Kazdağı’nın büyülü ortamında derin ve güzel bir süreç yaşadık. Bu inzivanın sonunda Zumbara’nın 2013 mesajını Ayşegül paylaştı. 2013′te sizi de armağan ekonomisine davet ediyoruz! Zumbara hareketine katılmak için

Brave New World in Three Minutes

Brave New World from Sacred Resonance on Vimeo. In October 2011, I left for a long journey towards West. A strong voice summoned me to discover the emerging brave new world in North America. I started my journey in San Francisco and for the next 14 months I traveled to many places in the US. To places where I sensed the new was being born, where the people were committed to healing themselves, their communities and the Earth. I witnessed many inspiring ideas, actions, initiatives, communities, prayers and ceremonies. I interviewed visionaries and spiritual leaders, activists and artists, farmers and social entrepreneurs and asked them the same questions: What do you see happening in the world today? How can we consciously participate in this paradigm shift? This journey happened in complete gift economy which means I offered my witnessing, my writings, photos and videos as a gift to make visible this brave new world that is emerging before our eyes, so fresh, so beautiful, so exciting! In return people contributed to my journey by gifting me money, accommodation, food, transportation, workshops, retreats, their witnessing and appreciation. It’s been a magical journey and I am deeply, deeply grateful to life and everyone and everything that made it happen. Take my word. Brave new world is here. Live it NOW. ↓

Welcoming Grief

Welcoming Grief from Sacred Resonance on Vimeo. Francis Weller, MFT, is a psychotherapist, writer and soul activist. He is a master of synthesizing diverse streams of thought from psychology, anthropology, mythology, alchemy, indigenous cultures and poetic traditions. Author of Entering the Healing Ground: Grief, Ritual and the Soul of the World, he has introduced the healing work of ritual to thousands of people. The core of his work is creating pathways to reclaiming our indigenous soul, what psychologist Carl Jung called the “unforgotten wisdom” that resides in the heart of the psyche. I listened to a live interview of him by Michael Lerner at the New School at Commonwheal, it was a feast of a conversation. The wisdom he shared about grief deeply moved me and after the interview I had the chance to interview him for a few minutes. With this video I would like to offer a taste of his work. Grief work is tremendously needed in our world right now, so I am very grateful to Francis and others who are bringing back the grief rituals so we can reclaim our health and sanity. For more on Francis Weller’s work, check out ↓

Detroit Learning Journey

Detroit from Sacred Resonance on Vimeo. I recently participated in a learning journey that took place in Detroit, led by visionary author and teacher Margaret Wheatley and local activist Richard Feldman in partnership with the Boggs Center. The learning journey was an inquiry into and an invitation to bear witness how people of Detroit are re-building community and livelihoods in a post-industrial world. Detroit restored my hope beyond hope, my faith beyond faith. This is the story of Detroit from my eyes, my ears, my heart. We need to know about Detroit, not only to bear witness the amazing people who are Re-Imagining everything there but to find the power, the courage and the beauty in our own hearts so when the shi(f)t hits the fan – like it did in Detroit – we’ll know where to take refuge and how to move forward. Please read my account of this journey here. ↓

We are shaking the world with a new dream

We are shaking the world with a new dream from Sacred Resonance on Vimeo. Legendary social justice activist Grace Lee Boggs talks to a group at Boggs Center, during a learning journey led by Margaret Wheatley and Richard Feldman. 40 participants came from all over US, Canada, Brazil, UK and Turkey to learn about how people are re-imagining and re-creating Detroit in a post-industrial world. At the age of 97, Grace is sharp, inspiring and beautiful. For more on Grace’s inspiring work, please see

Para mı Zaman mı?

Zumbara para yerine zamanın kullanıldığı, yetenek ve tecrübelerin paylaşıldığı bir topluluktur. Türkiye’nin ilk zaman bankası Zumbara, üyelerinin servis değişimlerini para yerine zaman alış-verişi üzerinden kolaylaştırıyor. Zaman Bankası sistemi hali hazırda 6 kıtada, Ingiltere, A.B.D, İsrail, İspanya, Portekiz, İtalya, Curacao, Slovakya, Güney Kore, Çin, Japonya, Avusturalya gibi 33 ülkede uygulanmakta. Yani alternatif ekonomiler dünyada hızla büyüyen bir hareket. Zumbara da bu hareketin önemli bir parçası. Bu videoda Kuzguncuk ahalisinin ”para mı zaman mı?” sorusuna verdigi ilginc yanıtları görüyoruz. Zumbara’ya katılmak için

Living the Gift: A Conversation with Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein is the author of Sacred Economics. “Sacred Economics traces the history of money from ancient gift economies to modern capitalism, revealing how the money system has contributed to alienation, competition, and scarcity, destroyed community, and necessitated endless growth. Today, these trends have reached their extreme – but in the wake of their collapse, we may find great opportunity to transition to a more connected, ecological, and sustainable way of being.” I think I am most moved by Charles’ capacity to connect with the truth of his heart and to speak that eloquently. Especially with the gift economy he’s onto something. Something that really excites me! It excites me because the money conversation has the potential to profoundly transform us. I met Charles at the Economics of Happiness Conference in Berkeley in March 2012. He graciously accepted my wish to interview him and answered my questions. As usual Charles was inspiring with his honesty, humility and compassion. Please visit and more depth of Charles’ work. ↓

We do what we do for future generations

After spending 3 amazing days at Regenerative Design Institute and witnessing a permaculture course, I was reminded once again, neither technology nor highly innovative sustainable models, not even permaculture, will usher us into the new paradigm unless we create intimacy and deep connection in our communities. And that is only possible through sharing of our gifts and co-creating together. Through song, dance, ceremony, prayer, sharing our food and offering our gifts to one another we create that intimacy and deep bonds. And then we will be living that world our hearts tell us possible… I met Sam Edmondson at RDI during the last few days of a Permaculture Design Certification course. Sam and Brendan sang this song one morning to wake up the sleepy campers and to wake up to this song that beautiful autumn morning claimed my heart wide open. I later asked to record the song so I can learn it. Sam gracefully shared the song and the story of how it was received. Sam received this song from Sierra Nevada mountain range during a solo vision quest as part of the Culture of Mentoring program offered by RDI. He passed this gift on to me and asked me to share it with the story. In the background of the video you hear Sam telling the story and the amazing song-prayer-mantra sang by Sam, Brendan and a few others who spontaneously joined our little circle during the recording. The photos are from the last day of PDC. For more information on RDI, please visit

New Money for a New World

I met Stephen Belgin in Colorado in August 2012. “New Money for a New World”, the book he co-authored with Bernard Lietaer has just been published. New Money for a New World examines a previously unexamined culprit for the many issues we face today—the monopoly of our centuries old monetary system. In this interview Stephen talks about the book as well as the monetary system and how it was connected with “Great Mother” in ancient times. He emphasizes the need for local complementary currencies to support the feminine principles and values to inform our creations. Bernard Lietaer author of The Future of Money (translated into 18 languages), is an international expert in the design and implementation of currency systems. Stephen is the founder and President of Qiterra Press. He is a self-described passionate student of systems thinking and what is truly possible. A near-death experience in the 1970′s began a journey that spanned much of the globe and a wide variety of disciplines, including medical research and communications. For more information about New Money for a New World, please visit To learn more about complementary currencies, see

Women’s Work: A Conversation with Hilary Hart

Women’s Work: A conversation with Hilary Hart from Sacred Resonance on Vimeo. Hilary Hart wrote one of my favorite books: The Unknown She Her writing and teaching focus on women’s spiritual power and the role it can play in our global evolution. “Is there a dimension of divine wisdom particularly natural to women? And if so, what role is it playing in the spiritual evolution of humanity?” While she dived into these questions in “The Unknown She”, Hilary’s upcoming book “Body of Wisdom” is a way for women to gain support and confidence in what women see and know. Hilary writes that this book hopes to be like a circle of women, reflecting and affirming what is real within us. I hope this interview will inspire you as much as it inspired me! Hilary’s call is bold and clear, and I feel called to amplify it. IT IS TIME FOR WOMEN TO GATHER AND SPEAK COLLECTIVELY WHAT WE KNOW IN OUR BODIES AND HEARTS. For more on Hilary’s work, take a look at and

A Message from Santa Fe Time Bank

I met Adrianne McCurrach, co-founder of Santa Fe Time Bank, in July 2012. We talked about time banking, gift economy, money, flowfunding and many other things. Here is a short interview and Adrianne’s message to Zumbara, the first time bank in Turkey. Along with Charles Eisenstein and other gift economy visionaries, I am part of the wisdom circle of Zumbara.

Neden Zumbara

Zumbara para yerine zamanın kullanıldığı, yetenek ve tecrübelerin paylaşıldığı bir topluluktur. Türkiye’nin ilk zaman bankası Zumbara, üyelerinin servis değişimlerini para yerine zaman alış-verişi üzerinden kolaylaştırıyor. Zaman Bankası sistemi hali hazırda 6 kıtada, Ingiltere, A.B.D, İsrail, İspanya, Portekiz, İtalya, Curacao, Slovakya, Güney Kore, Çin, Japonya, Avusturalya gibi 33 ülkede uygulanmakta. Yani alternatif ekonomiler dünyada hızla büyüyen bir hareket. Zumbara da bu hareketin önemli bir parçası. Bu videoda Zumbara üyeleri neden Zumbara hareketinin bir parçası olduklarını paylaşıyorlar. Zumbara’ya katılmak için

Why Permaculture – Penny Livingston

This is an interview with permaculture designer/teacher Penny Livingston for the International Permaculture Day. Penny has been teaching internationally and working professionally in the land management, regenerative design and permaculture development field for 25 years and has extensive experience in all phases of ecologically sound design and construction as well as the use of natural non-toxic building materials. She specializes in site planning and the design of resource-rich landscapes integrating, rainwater collection, edible and medicinal planting, spring development, pond and water systems, habitat development and watershed restoration for homes, co-housing communities, businesses and diverse yield perennial farms. Penny is the co-founder of Regenerative Design Institute

Why Permaculture – Mustafa Bakır

This video was recorded during the Advanced Permaculture Workshop in Bayramiç Yeniköy, Turkey, May 2012. Here Mustafa Bakır, the founder of Permaculture Research Institute of Turkey speaks about why he works with permaculture and gives a message to the global permaculture community for International Permaculture Day 2012. Check out the website of International Permaculture Day: Permaculture Research Institute of Turkey:

Zumbara interviews Charles Eisenstein

Zumbara is the first time bank in Turkey. In this video Zumbara founder Ayşegül Güzel talks to Charles Eisenstein, the author of Sacred Economics, about gift economy. They met during the Economics of Happiness Conference in March 2012, in Berkeley.

Graze the Roof

Graze the Roof is an edible, community-produced vegetable garden on the rooftop of Glide Memorial Church, a progressive church and nonprofit located in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. Graze features soil-less gardening vegetable growers; self-watering containers; lightweight garden beds made from milk crates; a worm composting system and an educational mural which ties the whole project together. Glide youth and volunteers from throughout the Bay Area maintain the garden and host monthly tours and workshops.

Ode to Great Mother

This video is inspired by many many many… First of all, the Sacred Feminine, the Great Mother, the Holy Woman, She who is called by many names. She is the Mysterium who gives us life. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, a woman who embodies Great Mother, a medicine woman, a cantadora whom I consider one of my teachers. And all the beautiful women – my sisters, friends, co-creators, teachers – who sit with me in the great circle of Love and Magic. We mend and weave the web of Life together. I am grateful to all of you. May the Great Mother continue blessing us all and calling us back to Life.


Occupy Wall St West

On January 20, 2012 (J20), thousands of San Francisco Bay Area residents occupied San Francisco’s Financial District as part of the Occupy Wall St West actions to demand that banks end predatory evictions and foreclosures and that corporations lose the rights of personhood. Protestors targeted banks and corporations that have damaged Bay Area communities, homes, education, environment, livelihood, and democracy. January 20th is the anniversary eve of the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, which further privileged corporations over people in US Constitution. For more information about the event, please visit

Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard

Annie Leonard is one of my personal heroes. Back in 2007, her first film Story of Stuff changed my worldview in 20 minutes. It also inspired me to create a sustainable living film festival in Turkey and probably planted the seed for Brave New World multi-media storytelling project. When Annie and her friends at Free Range Studios set out in 2007 to share what she’d learned about the way we make, use and throw away Stuff, they thought 50,000 views would be a good result for her ‘20-minute cartoon about trash.’ Today, with over 15 million views and counting, The Story of Stuff is one of the most watched environmental-themed online movies of all time. Annie founded the non-profit Story of Stuff Project in 2008 to respond to tens of thousands of viewer requests for more information and ways to get involved. They create short, easily shareable online movies that explore some of the key features of our relationship with Stuff. For more information on Story of Stuff Project, please visit

Gift Circles

In this video, Alpha Lo shares what a gift circle is. A gift circle is an open circle where people come to help each other, and share their needs and services. People share their services and help as a gift, without expectation of anything in return. The purpose of a gift circle is to allow people to help each other and to create a sense of community. And to further the gift economy. Alpha is a social architect who has been experimenting with different types of social, cultural, economic, and political systems. He is particularly interested in emergent, participatory, non-hierarchical, open, gift culture systems. He is exploring the how systems theory, higher consciousness and facilitation techniques intersect in these systems. Alpha is the co-author of “Open Collaboration” ( For more information on gift circles and Alpha’s work, take a look at

Ecology of Leadership

A conversation with Christopher Kuntzsch and James Stark – co-founders and co-directors of Ecology of Leadership Program – about the Great Turning, community, paradigm shift, healing, possibilities and authentic leadership cultivated through inner-processes. Ecology of Leadership is a transformational pathway to thrive and serve in a changing world. For more information on Ecology of Leadership, please check

Sacred Emergence: Initiation into Womanhood

Sacred Emergence is a sacred rite of passage that provides an opening and a foundation for self-awareness to emerge. The ritual ushers her through this doorway where womanhood is honored and expressed and the essential components for life come together. In claiming the sacred feminine in her life, the young woman connects to her inherent gift to create, and with gained competence, makes a new commitment to life to become the person she was born to be. Brianna Jonak went through the initiation into womanhood and talks about how her life was transformed through this experience in this video. For more information on Sacred Emergence, please visit

Solstice Love

For the first time, a video of me! My gratitude message for Winter Solstice 2011. Especially to those who have been supporting Brave New World, thank you! Happy Solstice! ↓

We are the ONES we’ve been waiting for

My first Occupy video! I am thrilled to share some of the footage I captured at different Occupy sites during my Brave New World journey in US. Occupy Movement is a manifestation of evolving human consciousness and a channel voicing the grief of separation that has dominated our world and humanity for thousands of years. I am deeply grateful and honored to be a witness and a participant of a worldwide people’s movement of awakening to our true potential, our connections, our relations. We are creating the Brave New World together. For all my relations… ↓


grateful moments from my Brave New World journey… ↓

A Global Prayer with Cnythia Jurs

Cynthia Jurs is a dharma teacher and a global healer. I met Cynthia through synchronicity and ended up spending the morning of 11/11/11 at her home participating in a beautiful meditation and prayer ceremony. Having been moved by her gentle yet strong presence and her work with Earth Treasure Vase Global Healing Project, I interviewed Cynthia and asked her my questions “What do you see happening in the world right now?” and “How can we fully, consciously participate in this transition?” We also talked about her work of healing the Earth and humanity. To find out more about Cynthia Jurs and her work, please visit

A Conversation with Sandra Ingerman

I attended “Medicine for the Earth” course with Sandra Ingerman in November 2011. Sandra is a well-known shamanic practitioner in US who has been practicing and teaching shamanism for over 20 years. The essence of her teaching is “It’s who we become that changes the world, not what we do” and it really resonates with me. She emphasizes the importance of inner-work and personal healing if we are to change the world out there. I am happy to present this conversation with Sandra, where we talk about what’s going on in the world and how we can ride the waves of transition. (sorry about the sound quality in the second half of the video, rain was pouring outside during our interview!) For more about Sandra, please visit

The Labyrinth

Rebecca Rodriguez is a mystic who had her awakening in 1996 through a tragedy. She lives the mystery through the Labyrinth; she’s the author of The Prayer For Higher Good and she’s the author and creator of The Labyrinth Inspiration Cards and Emerging Soul Cards. Based on a vision given to her, she created a Labyrinth at her home in Canyon Lake, Texas. Besides all of these, she has a big heart and immediately recognized me as a pilgrim as she is one herself and introduced me to the Labyrinth which I am very grateful for. For more about Rebecca’s work and Labyrinth, please visit and

An Interview with Nina Simons

Nina Simons is a beautiful, wise, compassionate woman: an embodiment of the Divine Feminine. I am truly touched and inspired by her presence, humility and work in the world: serving the reemergence of the Feminine within us all and within the larger global community. She is also the co-founder and co-CEO of Bioneers who inspired millions of people about the vision of a sustainable and wholesome world we are co-creating. Nina is the founder and a teacher of Cultivating Women’s Leadership program to support women to reclaim their feminine power. For more about Nina, please see

What does Slow Money mean to you?

I had the chance to participate at the Slow Money 3rd National Gathering in San Francisco in October 2011. It was a very inspiring gathering looking at how we can create local, sustainable, just, wise financial systems. I interviewed some people at the conference. This is Brahm Ahmadi, a social entrepreneur, food activist, co-founder of People’s Grocery and founder and CEO of People’s Community Market. He summed it up pretty nicely, so I am sharing his interview on its own. I will also edit a more comprehensive video about Slow Money National Gathering.


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