You can read the story of the Gift here.

For the last 10 years, I’ve been on a deep healing and learning journey which involved finding my unique gift to the world in this life time and contributing to the Great Turning we are living through. I know that I am on my path of unfolding my gift and serving the emergence of a new world as we stand at this critical junction of humanity’s co-evolution with the Earth.

I’ve been blessed with countless gifts and support in my journey, including my recent Brave New World journey that came into being through crowdfunding which I am deeply grateful for. You can see the supporters who helped me take Brave New World off the ground. To continue my service in the world, I am developing a model of community-based economic interdependence which I called “the Gift“.

The basic idea is this:

What I want most, what I commit my life to, is the creation of this brave new world based on radically different values, belief system and structures. I just want to continue offering my gifts at this historical junction, in this sacred time of turning things around for ourselves, the next generations and all beings and Life on Earth. I have been doing it and I will continue doing it in many different expressions: holding the intention, faith, vision and space for this emergence; witnessing and hosting collective and individual processes of transition; creating sacred space for healing, learning, co-creation; storytelling – telling the stories about the emergence of this brave new world and making the invisible visible, naming the unspoken, bringing in the resonance of the Sacred…

To continue offering my gifts, my learning and growth, I need my sustenance and a little bit more, financially speaking. Going a step further than project-based crowdfunding here. So I am proposing to create a gift tribe. What is a gift tribe? It is a community of people who sees, acknowledges and invests in an imaginal cell to liberate him/her from the struggle of monetizing his/her work in the world, in order to release their full creative potential to focus on the very thing they were born to create here and now. This is an experiment. It’s a prototype. For the next 12 months, starting June 2012, I am calling on 50 people to step into my gift tribe for 12 months and commit supporting me financially so I can continue my work in the world.

In this document you will find the details of this model and the specifics of how you can participate, should you feel called to.

I invite questions, feedback, suggestions. If you think this model might work for other imaginal cells, please share this document with them. If you know people who might want to join my gift tribe, please pass this invitation to them. I would like to improve this model and make it functional, so it can go beyond sustaining myself and work but rather becomes a replicable example so a thriving gift culture would root itself once again in an emerging brave new world.

If you say YES, you can subscribe for your monthly gift here:

Option 1 – $100/mo
Option 2 – $50/mo
Option 3 – $25/mo
Option 4 – $10/mo
Option 5 – $5/mo

Just click on the option that you choose and will be taken to a PayPal subscription page. Thank you for sharing the Gift!


As of August 2, 2012, 21 people committed to being in my gift tribe and sharing their money as a gift so that I can continue giving my gifts to the world.

What are the gift distributions like?

$100/month – 2 people
$50/month – 1 people
$25/month – 3 people
$10/month – 7 people
$5/month – 8 people

So, 21 people committed to a total gift of $5350 which generates a monthly income of $445.
My intentions are: 50 people, a total gift of $22,800 with a monthly income of $1900


The main purpose of monetary gifts is to enable my work/service in the world. Rather than working for an institution and getting paid by them, I work guided by my gifts, passion, needs I see in the world and my spiritual path and I get paid by the community – a larger whole – who sees and acknowledges my work and therefore are willing to support me.

Part of gift economy, for me, is being transparent about the use of money. Right now, the money I receive as gifts is primarily used for food and transportation. Occasionally I attend gatherings and workshops, but I attend most of them with scholarship or work exchange. A minimal amount of money is used for personal hygiene items, health related stuff, books etc. If there’s extra money, I might get photography/video equipment needed to produce quality material. I created a wish list of the equipments I still need and I invite folks to consider gifting me any of these equipments.

I too give money as gift to others from time to time, even if it’s a symbolic amount. I love supporting crowdfunding campaigns that I feel resonance with. You can see the projects I gifted at indiegogo and Kickstarter crowdfunding platforms. The money as gift needs to move around and enable individuals and projects that are serving the world. I invite you to do the same…

I also feel responsible to use this money – which is a sacred gift that makes my work, learning, service possible – wisely, in most sustainable way: I try to eat local and organic food as much as possible, and from Farmers’ Markets whenever possible. I travel on land – train, bus, ride shares, bike – unless I am crossing the ocean. I shop for sustainable products and at second hand stores. I believe that what we do with our money and where we put it is as important as where that money comes from. If we want to change the monetary system, we need to be aware of “what we are supporting and empowering” with our money.


Gifts help us be/become relational. Money could be a form of gift (like my gift tribe experiment) yet there are many forms of gifts in our lives. I would like to acknowledge here that all through my life and specifically through Brave New World journey I received and continue to receive GIFTS of all kinds – dental treatment, a KINDLE so I don’t have to carry many books with me, a cell phone in US and covering of my monthly phone bills, hosting of this website, my camera, my air ticket to US, being hosted in friends’ houses, all the incredible feedback and kind words of appreciation and encouragement of who I am and my work in the world – these are just a few to mention. By inviting the gift as money, I do NOT exclude other forms of gifts that I am so grateful for.


I’d like to offer my GRATITUDE.

I’ve been given many gifts throughout my whole life: good health, a caring family, an insatiable curiosity and love of learning, a boundless imagination, a global tribe of visionaries and courageous souls, an opportunity to co-create a world I want to live in. I am truly a blessed soul!

I give THANKS to Mother Earth for providing all the sacred elements for our survival and more.

I give thanks to my parents who provided the conditions for me to learn, to heal and to be a global nomad.

I give thanks to all the kindred spirits and others who, one way or another, supported, shaped, encouraged and financed my journey and work of learning, sharing, cross-pollination, weaving networks and circles of resonance.

I give thanks to Divine Mother.


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