How Many Days A Week Should You Go to the Gym

how many days a week to go to gym

Going to the Gym

There is a lot of debate amongst those who exercise over how much is the appropriate amount to do on a weekly basis. The reason why there is such a disparity between opinions is that there truly is no correct amount of time to spend at the gym. There are far too many factors that go into that question for someone to answer it without more information. What sort of exercises do you generally focus on at the gym? Do you incorporate variety into your regimen? What is the overall goal you wish to achieve by visiting the gym? Once you come to realize the subtle nuances of the question, its depth takes on a whole new meaning.

Overall Goals

The first thing you should determine are your goals for the gym. Do you want to lose fat? Then you’ll have to worry about your diet more so than time at the gym. Visiting the gym in order to take advantage of cardio equipment is great for losing weight, and you should essentially do as much as your body can handle. The trick is to push your body past its comfort zone in order to burn more calories. This can be handled in relatively short trips to the gym.

However, if your goal is to gain muscle, then you’ll probably want to up your visits to the gym. It is commonly recommended that a strength training regimen be practiced every other day for it to be maximally effective, which is why many trainers recommend a 3-day per week weight training schedule. This schedule gives your muscles time to rest in between workout sessions, which helps them repair themselves from the strain of the last workout. Of course, there is more to the equation than that.

Variable Routines

While it is true that each muscle group should only be worked out every other day during the start of your regimen, that doesn’t mean you can’t visit the gym every single day and work out different muscle groups. There may be some overlap between the different groups, but as long as you adequately design your routine, you should be able to avoid any unnecessary strain. In this sense, visiting the gym every day will allow you to create a daily routine in your schedule that focuses on varying muscle groups.

Your routine should also change from week to week, if you wish for it be maximally effective. Performing the exact same routine every week without adding weight or reps won’t build muscle, it will only stall it. You must push yourself further if you wish to advance, and keeping a variable workout is a good way to do that. Changing the order of muscle groups that get focused on during your weekly overall schedule will also keep your body in a state of recovery, which is ideal for gaining benefits.

Build Up Experience

Another major factor in the question of how often you should visit the gym is how much experience you already have with different routines. If you’ve been building your gains up for years, you’ll need to visit the gym more often in order to simply maintain those high levels. You may start off performing several different 3-day per week workouts that each take 40 mins to do, but after a year those individual sessions will probably take closer to an hour or possibly longer. If you alternate through several 3-day routines on a daily basis, that will drastically add hours to the time you spend at the gym. After two years, you may have doubled the amount of time you spend at the gym simply by adding reps to your original routine.

You’ll find that the more time you spend at the gym, the more time you’ll need to spend at the gym to maintain what you’ve earned. Many people end up finding a balancing point where they feel comfortable maintaining without any further gains, but that can even change if something else changes in life. The question of how many days one should visit the gym per week is so complicated that it can’t truly be answered for the general population, but instead must be decided on by the individual.

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