I see the Brave New World. I hear it, I smell it, I taste it, I feel it. 

My work is to co-create this brave new world. Do you want to play?


“The New Story needs to be told in myriad ways. It needs to be taught. It needs to be read in bedtime stories and told at the hearth and campfire. It needs to be sung, danced, and expressed in liturgy and art. It needs to be beaten on drums. Orchestral works, operas, and oratorios need to resound in celebration of the evolutionary adventure taking place throughout the universe.”

Herman Greene


Many wisdom and spiritual traditions teach that we dream this world into being. We enact a story of the world we believe in. So we have the power to dream a new world into being, to reframe the story we are living. Telling the New Story about who we are and how we are evolving is vital at this time of Great Transition. Brave New World project is weaving a new narrative that connects, inspires and empowers us to LIVE the New Story now. Learn More»

Co-creating Brave New World

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Visual Storytelling

I create simple and beautiful visual narratives with "the resonance of the Sacred" to open hearts and to inspire/empower people to connect with the New Story - about who they are and how they can participate meaningfully in the Great Transition. I hope that my work invites people into their inspiration, to take action for what they love and care for most, to step into their authentic lives. Watch Stories from a Brave New World»
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