Author: Ross Amos

how many days a week to go to gym

How Many Days A Week Should You Go to the Gym

Going to the Gym There is a lot of debate amongst those who exercise over how much is the appropriate amount to do on a weekly basis. The reason why there is such a disparity between opinions is that there truly is no correct amount of time to spend at the gym. There are far […]


Why Do We Get Sore After Working Out?

Soreness and Working Out For some it is a sign of hard work and progress. For others it is the reason exercising proves so difficult. Regardless, we’ve all felt it at some point or another. DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is the official name for that terrible feeling in your muscles the morning after a […]

supplements for weight lifting

Do You need to take Supplements If You lift weights

Supplements and Weight Lifting When people start into the sport of bodybuilding, the question tends to be whether supplements are essential to working out and getting the best results. You’ll see ads in magazines, on TV, and on the radio telling you about the latest supplement to maximize your gains from bodybuilding workouts. The truth […]


5 Tips for Losing Weight Properly

These days, America is grappling with an obesity epidemic. As noted by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, over 1/3 of adults are obese. Despite the fact that many obese and overweight people wish to lose weight, many find it difficult to do so. However, there are several strategies you can […]

why you shouldnt workout with old shoes

Why You Shouldn’t Workout With Old Shoes

Time to Change Your Shoes! Whether you’re shooting threes, acing it over the net or running the track, there is a specific shoe you need to wear. Shoes are not universal sizes or made for multiple sports. They are made with a specific destination in mind. Breaking in new shoes is a hassle, but anything […]


Learn How to Stay Fit

Practicing a physical activity can do wonders for your health levels. This was proven times over times again by everyone who did something – personal trainers, doctors, nutritionists – everyone who is considered a health specialist. However, living healthy at some point is not enough – meaning that if you eat healthy and you’ve once […]


The Benefits of Practicing Fitness

Staying fit can be done in different ways – some choose to combine a diet with physical exercises in the gym, others choose to swim at least once a day, while others don’t have to do anything about their bodies, as they already look great. However, for those who were not blessed with a great […]