Wild at heart, free in Spirit, curious in mind, I am a nomadic artist, world traveler, spiritual seeker, a process host, a social innovator, an Earth activist, a community organizer whose purpose is to serve the evolution of human consciousness and awakening a sense of possibility and sacred in human heart & spirit. I am also an imaginal cell. I connect ideas, places, people and networks. Born and raised in Turkey, I always knew I would walk the sacred Earth for a calling beyond my dreams.

As a community organizer, I have been involved in pioneering projects internationally and in Turkey by organizing events, workshops and dialogue & learning spaces to raise awareness about wholesome & sustainable living and empower communities for inspired action for almost a decade.

I co-created Sustainable Living Film Festival, co-hosted the birth of permaculture, natural building and Slow Food Youth Food movements in Turkey and co-created many inspiring learning spaces locally and around the world.

One of my greatest passions as a process host and community organizer is to explore new ways of working and being together and discover a depth of wisdom far beyond what is available to individuals alone and to nurture and unleash the collective creative potential.

My recent inquiry is into digital storytelling and the story of the Great Transition into the new paradigm. I am passionately chasing everyday stories of joy, faith and possibilities to inspire people and open hearts. My calling is to witness, capture and illuminate the resonance of the Sacred in everyday life and offer it through digital storytelling in service of all Life.

I create simple and beautiful visual narratives with “the resonance of the Sacred” to open hearts and to inspire/empower people to connect with the New Story - about who they are and how they can participate meaningfully in the Great Transition. I hope that my work invites people into their inspiration, to take action for what they love and care for most, to step into their authentic lives.

contact me at filizatbaraka@gmail.com

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