Brave New World is not only a vision but it’s part of our reality.

Whether we notice or not, whether we like it or not, the World is changing, the Earth is shifting, the humanity is evolving.

As the evolution of consciousness moves forward, our perception and construction of the world changes along. Undeniably, we are at a point of leap to our next level – a coming of age, a rite of passage, you name it – and we are so ready!

The next level? We each might have different visions of what that next level looks like. Since this is my journey and the stories will be told from my perspective, I’d like to share my vision of what that new world looks like in my imagination:

“Humanity has awaken to the oneness, wholeness and sacredness of life and remembered its place in the web of life. As we are aware of the whole through our evolved consciousness and new technologies, we interact with the natural world and each other with love and respect, in humility, collaboration and solidarity rather than from competition, fear and greed.

We have learned how to create life-affirming systems that serves the whole, not fragments of human population. We’re tapping into collective intelligence as well as the intelligence of natural world and we are co-creating abundance and health both in our communities and in natural ecosystems.

Men and women now acknowledge and honor both the feminine and masculine aspects and they have reclaimed the inherent power of these life forces. The marriage of divine feminine and conscious masculine released a magnificent amount of creative energy and love that helped humanity heal deep wounds of separation and oppression.

With our care and participation, natural ecosystems healed and re-gained balance and life continues in its glory and abundance.”

I don’t know what kind of vision you have in your mind or even, whether you have one. I urge you to reflect on this: What kind of world do I want to live in? What kind of life do I want for my children? And how can I participate in creating that World and Life?

Many wisdom and spiritual traditions teach that we dream this world into being. We enact a story of the world we believe in. So we have the power to dream a new world into being, to reframe the story we are living.

Brave New World will show you that the world I described above is REAL and happening NOW. It’s not the vision of a far away future; it’s the vision of this present moment. I will tell the stories of individuals and communities creating this new reality stitch by stitch with their creativity, generosity, compassion, genius and commitment to work in solidarity, to be, think and act in a whole new way.

Will you take a leap with me into Brave New World?

I will be setting on a 3-month learning journey to the West Coast of United States where I believe there is a high concentration of sustainability initiatives imbued with spiritual practices, highly progressive communities and spiritual (r)evolutionaries. As I dive into this learning journey, my purpose is to heal and unleash my creative potential in service of my authentic life calling – to serve the Great Transition – as well as to seek, find and learn from individuals, spiritual teachers, projects and initiatives that are creating the ecological, economical, social and spiritual solutions and healing practices we need in the world today. As I journey, I will capture my learnings, insights, inspirations on my website both in English and Turkish, with prose, poetry, photographs and videos. I will document the teachings, innovation, newness, courage, inspiration…

All I’ll have with myself is a backpack, a computer and a camera.

And of course my questions, my curiosity, my passion for transition stories, evolution and possibility. I will ask these three questions to everyone I’ll meet on my journey:

  • what do you see happening in the world right now?

  • how do we become more resilient as individuals and communities as we enter a new era?

  • what role do you play and who do you see yourself becoming in the Great Transition and the creation of an ecologically sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on Earth?

The uniqueness of this story is that it shows how our personal journeys and evolution towards wholeness and authentic life is woven together with the unfolding story of humanity at this time. The story of one woman’s seeking and meaning making for her own life becomes the inspiring story of thousands who are healing & co-creating themselves and the world at the same time.

Why do I do this?

Because to create a new world, we need a new storyline, we need to believe that it is possible and that it is already happening. By connecting individual and community stories of transformation, healing and resilience, we will strengthen the possibility of co-creating the world we dream of NOW.

Envisioned Outcomes:

  • Inspiration, encouragement, hope, solutions, insights, joy, possibility, healing, faith, vision by sharing the good news, inspiring stories, successful initiatives

  • An inspiring, informative, weekly updated blog narrating the story of the journey with prose, poetry, photography and video, which is followed by an international audience – with interviews, personal reflections, news of innovative solutions and projects

  • Weekly updates through social media like Facebook & Twitter

  • A book as a collection of blog posts throughout the journey in Turkish/English

  • A Brave New World documentary

  • A Brave New World exhibition

Please support

I launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise some of the money I need to take on this journey. Because I believe crowdfunding is the most exciting and sweet way of participatory community financing…What better way of co-funding something that intends to serve the whole, the community, Life itself!

The crowdfunding campaign is over now which managed to raise $3880 in addition to the direct support I received from my friends and community. In total it was around $5500 raised to launch the first phase of Brave New World.

The journey is ongoing, many inspiring stories to tell and blessings to be shared. So, if you would like to support Brave New World and be an active partner in this journey, please consider making a contribution. The amount does not matter.


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