What I know about 2013

I love thresholds.

I love beginnings, endings, solstices, pagan days that mark seasons…

I love the human imagination and sensibility that observes, notices, marks and honors the twist and turns and shifts in time and Earth’s natural cycles.

Now we stand in yet another threshold, of an infinite dance of comings and goings, arrivals and departures, birth and death and rebirth…

These are potent times. We are completing 2012 – the mysterious point in time where many threads, prophecies, concentric time cycles converged. A gateway into a sacred time where everything is possible.

Not only that. It’s also the magical time between solstice and the new year when it feels like the veil is particularly thin. In this period, I try to listen, more carefully, with a sharper ear then ever, because it is my experience that we are blessed with keener intuition, revelations and insights about the incoming cycle.

I invite you to try if you haven’t tapped into the potent magic of this time yet…

I also take time and space to capture some of my insights and visions for the new cycle, knowing that even though these are gifts of my personal life-journey, they are closely related to what is emerging in our world.

We are part of a living whole, part of this web of life after all, aren’t we?

What I know/sense about 2013 might inform you about your personal journey and unfolding story.

After a year of Brave New World journey, I am convinced there is a new story emerging for humanity. We are about to enter a time of Creation. In this sacred time of Creation, my life energy wants to flow with two particular emergences which are also complimentary to one another.

These are ‘the rise of the Feminine energy/principle/archetype’ and ‘the remembrance or re-emergence of Gift Culture’ in our world.

One feeds the other.

My life force wants to support these two massive, vital movements. I love the fact that they are happening! Knowing them makes me jump out of bed in the mornings and breathe through difficult times and life’s challenges. My waters want to water the seeds of the Feminine and the Gift…

Rise of the Sacred Feminine

This is immediate and omni-present. urgent.

and even though my primary attention goes to restoring the women’s place (and everything Feminine) in the natural order of life, this emergence is happening in all of us, women and men and all other genders. We need to restore the Feminine principle in all aspects of life. This is what the Earth is urging us, what life is urging us to do…

I essentially do this by honoring the Feminine within me. I seek Her, I call upon Her, I welcome Her, I praise Her, I honor Her…I sing to Her, dance with Her, love Her…

I also honor the body, and I am learning to listen to the wisdom of my body, sense, express, learn, intuit with my body.

This is where I start.

Then I commune with my sisters. One of the most nourishing things in my life is being in a cirlce with one or more sisters, deep in heart-conversations and witnessing one another. It is a very strong medicine for a woman.

Next, I witness women, listen to and capture their stories. I launched medicineWomen in 2012 – a visual witnessing of women healing themselves, their communities and the world – which I hope will evolve further to include stories told by women – of their longing, their deep inquiries, their passion, their gifts to the world.

I am a weaver and connector and at this time I feel called to bring women together. When women gather as a circle, with an intention in the center, something magical happens. It’s hard to describe the alchemy with mere words; but skin-to-skin, eye-to-eye, voice-to-voice we heal. By simply being together we remember the ancient ways – something so vital and pure and so healing -, through our womanhood, we remember our humanity.

Aleut elder Ilarion Merculieff explains how without women coming together in sacred ceremony nothing new can be born at this time. Men’s job at this time, he adds, “is to support and protect women while they do this work.”

It is time to re-claim and piece together the fabric of our belonging – circles of trust and safety, which is our birthright.

Sitting next to one another as brothers and sisters, as part of one Sacred tribe.

This is who we are. This is what we long for. This is where we belong.

To be able to do that, and to be able to honor the Feminine in the world again, we need to heal the wounds between men and women. This is one of my inquiries: how do I need to be in the world and what can I do to contribute to the healing of the wound of separation?

I dream of circles – circles of men, circles of women, and circles of men and women. Gathered around sacred fires, in the heart space. awakening to life’s calling. their priority next seven generations. we can do this, I know, because we did it before.

(I’d like acknowledge that there are many different gender systems and definitions in different cultures and I am not referring to an essentialist, binary gender system here. When I use ‘women’ and ‘men’, I refer more to a chosen identity or embodied energy rather than sex of a person.)

“In the beginning was the Gift”

There’s a growing GIFT-consciousness in the world. And I don’t say that just because I live in the gift economy.

Again, gift-gratitude-generosity and abundance is our nature despite what it says in today’s mainstream economic textbooks about the greed of human being.

To explain everything that goes wrong in the world with greed is perhaps an easy choice. Charles Eisenstein argues that greed is more like a symptom of a more complex problem. It is almost like an outcome of an economic system that is out of touch with the natural cycles of the Earth.

“Each organism and each species makes a vital contribution to the totality of life on earth, and this contribution, contrary to the expectation of standard evolutionary biology, need not to have any direct benefit for the organism itself.” writes Charles Eisenstein in “Sacred Economics” and asks “Today’s economic system rewards selfishness and greed. What would an economic system look like that, like some ancient cultures, rewarded generosity instead?”

There was a time when humanity lived as caretakers and stewards and there will be a time again when humanity will act as stewards – not as owners – of this beautiful planet, our Mother Earth, the Garden of Eden. In fact this is the time: We are once again living with the awareness and love and care of the whole that we are part of, in communion with the Sacred, we once again belong to our tribes and to the Earth which is our birthright.

One of my teachers Arkan Lushwala refers to indigenous ways of keeping life in balance through sacred economy, in his book “The Time of the Black Jaguar“:

“Tribal economy, the natural economy of the children of the Earth and the Sun, is born from our natural talents. It is our birthright. This economy requires the sharpening of our intelligence to become capable of balancing the forces of Nature that we affect with our actions. This economy also requires heart, so with generosity and reciprocity we continuously look for the well-being of all life.”

We are invited to give our gifts to the world for this is how life’s kept in balance – we are here to offer our gifts to one another and to the world. When we fail to do so, we all become poorer and something great is lost. Because everyone’s gift is unique and needed to keep life in balance and for everything to thrive. Imagine how many people in the world are encouraged, supported, are courageous enough to offer their gifts. We all want to give them but most of us are trapped in an economic system that rewards infinite growth, ruthless competition, constant consumption and debt cycles.

The only way through, the only remedy is the Gift. The only way to liberate ourselves is through recognizing our gifts in ourselves and in each other and offering them to one another unconditionally. Deep inside, our hearts long for this. When we connect with that desire to give and be in service to life, it’s like uncovering a spring in our heart. The more we open the path and the more we get in touch with that desire to gift, that spring turns into an abundant river that wants to flow and flow and flow…Imagine a world if we all lived in that kind of connection and flow.

Arkan explains how unconditional love is an economic issue:

“Loving without conditions in an economic issue. All of us, Indigenous or non-Indigenous, who have something to offer humanity so the heart comes back to economic practices should do it with full passion and enthusiasm because it is something the world really needs.

…I insist on saying, with the loudest voice, that the unconditional love we so often speak about has to be reflected in the way we run our economy. We all need to be genuinely willing to do our give away and participate in the generous circulation of vital energy – or money if you want to see it that way – around the planet and for the well-being of all life. Far from being a romantic idea, this issue, from my point of view, is a matter of life or death for future generations.”

I invite you to consider this: Whether we give or hold back our gifts unconditionally now is a matter of life or death for future generations.

If it resonates, dig deeper. Begin today.

Suggested readings:

The Time of the Black Jaguar by Arkan Lushwala

Sacred Economics by Charles Eisenstein

Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin

The Unknown She and Body of Wisdom (will be published in Spring 2013) by Hilary Hart

Untie the Strong Woman by Clarissa Pinkola Estes (and all of her books)

Return of the Divine Feminine by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

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